Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exciting news

  Well been busy time takig pictures.  had a few very good experiences and excellent feedback from those experiences as well.

  First is I went to a skdiving drop zone, DZ from now on.  Taking pictures of the skydivers landing was very cool.  Extremely friendly and inviting group of people.  The sound of a parachute whistling through the air as the skydivers passing at high sped less than 10 feet from your head is interesting indeed.  It was enough to get my 4 year old to duck as he saw the skydiver at the last moment.
  Taking good pictures mean I needed to out in the field that the skydivers land in.  So while I am taking pictures I need to keep an eye on the sky to make sure no people fall from the sky on me.

  Anyways.  The photos were extremely well received by the skydivers.  So well in fact I may be published in a magazine called Canpara.  So here's crossing my fingers that I may get published very soon.
  The second interesting thing is I may get a chance to be the official photographer for the Ontario provincials.   i am second choice since the DZ already has a somewhat official photographer.  he certainly has the edge in experience and equipment.

  The other interesting event I have been to lately was the ATV Expo in Haldimand.  Got some neat pictures of ATVs as they climbed out of the mud pit.
  From this event I have an invitation from a member of the HAAC, the organizing club, to come take pictures for the club.  That is significant because next time I show up at oen of their events I will have access beyond the spectator areas.  That alone can make for angles tat are simply not seen by anyone else.

  Beyond that I did get my business cards.  Thankfully Staples only charged me about 15% of the total cost for them because they are actually pretty aweful.  Like really how can they turn a greyscale image, black background with varying shades of grey on it, and turn it GREEN?!!?
  if they had tried charging the whole amount I would have simply demanded a refund because the cards did not match the proof and went elsewhere to find cards.
  As it is I still will need to find someplace new for my next set of cards.